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    example:<BR>I have 3 frame<BR> 1. frameA - frameA.asp<BR> 2. frameB - frameB.asp<BR> 3. frameC - frameC.asp<BR><BR>1. how to refresh "frameA" from "frameC"<BR>2. how to pass a value from "frameB" to "frameC" and "frameA"<BR>3. how to get out from the frame and open new webpage in the same browser

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    To handle frames use JavaScript, as you would be using it in HTML<BR>pages. There is no difference how to handle frames using .html<BR> or .asp. To pass values you can use any of form&#039s methods:<BR>POST or GET.<BR>You can use JavaScript as:<BR>parent.leftframename.location.href="frameA. asp"<BR><BR>or simply &#060;a href="frameA.asp" target="leftframename"&#062;<BR>To pass VALUE use POST method as above or GET as:<BR>&#060;a href="frameA.asp?value1=myvalue&value2=yourvalue" target="leftframename"&#062;<BR><BR>

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