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    hi,<BR><BR>i have problems to get a simple line break into my text-string. this is how i put together the message i want to send via e-mail.<BR><BR>message = name & "
    " & profession & "
    " & age<BR><BR>you see, i come from the unix/linux-world... but "
    " doesn&#039t work.<BR><BR>please help!<BR><BR>thanks alot,<BR>stefan

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    Depending on how your file is being read, a text line break and carriage return is chr(13)&chr(10)<BR><BR>If you are sending the text to an email client that reads HTML ( and you are sending using the HTML protocol) you can just use normal HTML such as <BR><BR><BR>DC

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    try appending the intrinsic constant vbCRLF, e.g.<BR><BR>strTemp = author & vbCRLF & birthdate & vbCRLF

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