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    Hemant Guest

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    I am a beginer in ASP and haven&#039t dealt with Advance topics like sending mail using ASP.<BR> Can Anyone guide me on this. What are the required settings to be done on my machine. What are should be installed on my machine. I came through a word CDONTS regarding the same. Is there any site from where I can get the help.<BR> Any help on this would be of great help to me.<BR><BR>Hemant

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    Just a quick search on this site produced this file which should be of use:<BR><BR>If you need anymore then click on the search 4Guys link in the bottom left hand corner.<BR><BR>Pete

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    Search the site !<BR><BR>CDONTS is the mail component for Windows. It ties in only with SMTP services being installed on NT.

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    Hemant Guest

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    Hey Pete,<BR> It was really helpful to me. And also quite interesting too. Thanx a lot for the help.<BR><BR>Hemant

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