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Thread: Responce.Redirect and Targets??

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    Hi All,<BR><BR>I have to work with FRAMES in the site I&#039m developing using VB Script, ASP and HTML. The problem I have has to do with the "Responce.Redirect" function in ASP. Now, I have to redirect the user to a "new screen" - something LIKE: <BR>Responce.Redirect "newmenupage.html TARGET=_Parent"<BR><BR>newmenupage.html = Page consisting of 2 frames, each with a asp page in.<BR><BR>The newmenupage.html works, but not with the "Responce.redirect".<BR><BR>Can It Be Done ???<BR><BR>Faithfully,<BR>Methos

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    Isn&#039t it target ="_top"

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    Thanx for responding!!<BR><BR>I tried Responce.Redirect "newmenupage.html TARGET=_top" but without any luck. <BR><BR>I went to and there a LOT of people has the same problem. It looks to me that the Responce.Redirect function does not support the TARGET tag.....<BR><BR>Or am I wrong????<BR><BR>Thanx,<BR>Methos<BR><BR>

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