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    Scott Cate Guest

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    I&#039ve created an ASP that e-mails the current page to an email address. It works fine on my server (w/CDO), but my hosting server doesn&#039t (and won&#039t) install the CDO package.<BR><BR>Anyway to point and route this mail through an SMTP server somewhere else?

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    Hmmm... interesting idea. First off, does your web hoster support any other kind of 3rd party mailing component? (See, which talks about sending email without using CDO.)<BR><BR>As far as rerouting it, if you could coordinate with another site. See, any mail that is dropped in the outgoing SMTP directory gets sent automatically. So, one could create an ASP page on a server that did have SMTP; this page would just take in parameters like Subject, To, From, and Body, and then would format it properly, then, using the FileSystemObject, create a file in the outgoing directory with the proper format.<BR><BR>Of course, this would be a little difficult, and you would have to coordinate with a site that did support SMTP... good luck!

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    Scott Cate Guest

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    No they won&#039t install any SMTP support for fear of spamming and abuse. It&#039s not my dedicated server so I don&#039t have much say.

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