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    kishore Guest

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    hi,<BR> Whether execution continues after Response.Redirect in an Asp Page.<BR>I tried for a sample program having 2 asp <BR>viz. Page1.asp and page2.asp<BR><BR>Page1.asp contains<BR>&#060;%<BR>session("one")="SS1"<BR>Res ponse.Redirect "page2.asp"<BR>session("one")="SS2"<BR>%&#062;<BR> <BR>Page2.asp contains<BR>&#060;html&#062;<BR>&#060;body&#062;<B R>&#060;%<BR>Response.Write (Session("one"))<BR>%&#062;<BR>&#060;/body&#062;<BR>&#060;/html&#062;<BR><BR>when I invoke Page1.asp I get output as SS1 but I was expecting SS2<BR>

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    CPeinado Guest

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    Once you Redirect to page2.asp, page2.asp has control of what happens. And unless you Redirect back to page1.asp, you won&#039t go back. If you simply want to execute a part of page2.asp you may want to use Server.Execute (IIS 5). <BR>Otherwise, you&#039ll have to send in your variables in the querystring to page2.asp<BR>Claudia

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    Anur Chandran Guest

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    On page1 ,once the execution reaches the response.redirect,the execution itself is transferred to the second page ,and it continues there. SO it is clear that the statements after the response.redirect in the first page is not executed. So there is no point in expecting the second value (value set for the second time) to be displayed in the next page.

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    Default SS1 is correct

    Res.Red is efectively a goto, processing of the current page stops and processing begins anew on page2.<BR><BR>This means you should do clean up before redirecting ...

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