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    Hey all!<BR><BR>I&#039m trying to get a guestbook up and running and I used the code on this site about it to get me started. While i was working on the code I ran into this error:<BR><BR><BR>ADODB.Fields error &#039 800a0cc1&#039 <BR><BR>ADO could not find the object in the collection corresponding to the name or ordinal reference requested by the application. <BR><BR>/guestbook.asp, line 99 <BR> <BR>line 99 being:<BR>&#060;.td width="100%".&#062;&#060;.p align="center".&#062;<BR>(dots placed to keep this from eating it up..not sure if it would)<BR><BR>so I am COMPLETELY confused.<BR><BR>it is 100% the same as it is here, with the database and all - my DSN is gbook.dsn<BR><BR>and I am going nuts trying to figure it out! LOL<BR><BR>any help would be greatly appreciate!<BR>-Gunnbear<BR><BR>

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    Look, I am not sure, but sometimes it gives you a wrong line number.<BR>Secondly it is " ADODB.Fields error &#039 800a0cc1&#039 "<BR>which means something wrong when you are trying to return some fields values from your database.<BR>Check if your table has the same fields names as you are using in your SQL statement.<BR>

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