HI All guru&#039s!<BR> Need help. problem is quite interesting.<BR><BR> I want to compare 2 values. But...<BR> Code is like this<BR><BR> Id="abc12"<BR> sql="select COUNTY from REQ where TYPE=&#039C&#039 and ID=&#039"&id&"&#039"<BR> Set Rs= server.createobject("adodb.recordset")<BR> Rs.open sql,conn<BR> Array=rs_request.getrows()<BR><BR>o/p [Hardword,New york]---this will be more than 50<BR><BR>comparision values<BR><BR> sql= "select * from comp where id=&#039"&id&"&#039"<BR> set Rs1= server.createobject("adodb.recordset")<BR> Rs1.open sql,conn<BR><BR> it returns only one row but 5 columns.<BR> Comparision starts from second column.<BR> <BR>o/p --[Hardword,New York,New York]<BR><BR>What i want to do is compare values of recordset to array.<BR>if value is not avalible insert into table.<BR><BR>code<BR><BR><BR>for ZZ= 0 to 4<BR><BR> Compare_County=RS1(ZZ+1)<BR> <BR> for i= 0 to ubound(Array)<BR> County = Array(0,i)<BR> <BR> if Compare_County &#060;&#062; county then<BR> sql="insert into req(type,County)values"<BR> sql=sql&"(&#039C&#039,&#039"&Compare_county&"&#039 )"<BR> conn.execute (sql)<BR> end if<BR><BR> next<BR>next%&#062;<BR><BR>First time it will check not equal it is completing first loop<BR>& incrementing second loop...<BR><BR>What i want is it should compare with all the values of<BR>recordset or vice-versa. If it is not avaliable then insert . After Insertaion it must come into array again.<BR><BR>Hope explanation is understandable.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Ana<BR>