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    Rob Guest

    Default Days for the Dates

    Is it at all possible to get the day for a date 1 year ago?<BR>What abut 1 year in to the future?<BR><BR>I can not imagine how this would be done but if someone knows let me know.<BR><BR>Rob

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    Default Read the list of VBScript functions...

    ...including DateAdd, Day, Month, Year, etc., etc.<BR><BR>You want the day of the week one year from now, for example:<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>oneYearAgo = DateAdd( "y", -1, Date )<BR>Response.Write "Day of week on " & oneYearAgo & " was " & WeekDayName( WeekDay( oneYearAgo ) )<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>This is all part of the basic capabilities of VBScript.<BR><BR>

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    Rob Guest

    Default HEY BIll - Read the list of VBScript functions...

    That&#039s good Bill. As basic as they are Bill, I have yet to get to them. But it&#039s good to know someone with nothing to do but be on this board all day long insulting people knows enough to tell me a basic thing that I have not done in 3 years of ASP development. Your knowledge must have made you millions. <BR><BR>In the past few weeks I have become increasingly annoyed with people like you who are on this board all day. Who I assume get a sense of importance in their life that they get no where else. If you are so smarter than everyone else, then why steal someone elses glory (such as Scott Mitchell&#039s). Where is your site? If you have all the answers, where is your 4guysfromrolla?<BR><BR>Your rudeness distracts from the enjoyment of this board. And that is what it is, a board. Anyone is free to post anything regardless of how "worthy" you deem it to be. If you don&#039t like the question, then don&#039t answer and don&#039t hang out on a general board. <BR><BR>I am never posting here again.<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default what is with you people???

    in the last three days bill and myself have had to put up with a whole bunch of people like you giving us ****. What the f**k happened, and where do you get off exactly???<BR><BR>j<BR><BR>

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    Linda Guest

    Default RE: HEY Rob - read this

    You got an answer for your question, surely you can be mature enough to shake of any crisitism and just be happy that you got a quick response. <BR><BR>If you have 3 years experience with ASP then perhaps you can answer some of the questions and make like a little easier for other ASP programs... Take a little .. Give a little

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    Default RE: HEY BIll - Read the list of VBScript functions

    3 years ASP experience? How the hell do you get 3 years of ASP experience without encountering the VBScript Reference?

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    Default GET A LIFE ROBBY

    I don&#039t know what mister Rob is complaining about, I read Bills post and didn&#039t see anything insulting in it.<BR><BR>GET A LIFE ROBBY

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    G Waddell Guest

    Default RE: HEY BIll - Read the list of VBScript functions

    Good!<BR><BR>The poor guy was just trying to help and you get all snot nosed just because you don&#039t know the basics. If you&#039ve got three years ASP experience you should know this anyway it&#039s basic VBScript. Try learning a language before you work in it!

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    Shedao Shai Guest

    Default thanks everyone

    I just wanted to thank everyone for pushing away yet another developer from this board. Really appreciate it. I&#039m glad it&#039s developed into this.<BR><BR>

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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

    Default RE: thanks everyone

    Sorry, I don&#039t see it. I am relatively thin-skinned (take things to heart easily) but I learned very quickly from my early days in newsgroups that people just use different communication skills when they are typing, than speaking.<BR><BR>There was nothing inappropriate either about the question asked nor in Bill&#039s manner in answering it, IMO. I think Bill is terse and to-the-point, but he does contribute here an awful lot.<BR><BR>There were some famous newsgroups where you really needed to lurk to know how to post to get an answer (let along a polite one - comp.lang.javascript was one of them). But just getting an answer is good enough for me, sometimes.<BR><BR>Point is, when I read a post that is harsh in some ways, I just assume is was sent off hastily and without proper forethought, as that is usually the case.<BR><BR>My thoughts,<BR>Richard<BR>

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