Hello. You were nice enough to help, and I am adding this new topic as requested to keep that other topic from growing out of control.<BR><BR>I got the sql code to work. Thanks<BR><BR>I also received a good tip on counting records. But there is one issue. When I do this with form responses, I have no more problems. But if I have an id as 13, and there are 4 subscribers, for instance(As viewed in my view.asp page):<BR><BR>ID REFERRED SUBSCRIBER<BR>13 Subscriber1<BR>13 Subscriber2<BR>13 Subscriber3<BR>13 Subscriber4<BR><BR>I try the .count method and have issues with it.<BR>Do I have to count in the sql or can I just have a way of doing this:<BR><BR>Count how many &#039subscribers&#039 are for ID #13 and then<BR>Response.Write("ID #13 had FOUR subscribers)<BR><BR>What is the way to get that?<BR><BR>I am learning so much from you guys on these small things I can&#039t thank you enough.<BR><BR>Seriously. Thanks