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    Actually I was wondering if you could help me with some vbscript. Lets say I have been passed "00000000015500". How do I get rid of all the zeros in the front and convert that to a dollar value. So, the above value should be $155.00. I have tried &#039TRIM&#039 but it only takes out the blank spaces at both ends.<BR>Thanks.

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    Check it out on the VBScript reference on the toolbar to the left.

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    I did use that function before I posted my problem. It did get rid of the zeros in the front but instead of displaying this "$155.00"...It displayed "$15500.00".<BR><BR>The original value was 00000000015500<BR>Using formatcurrency I got $15500.00, <BR>The value I want displayed is $155.00<BR>The last two zeros are the two decimals.

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