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    Default ASP Server object--I need a reference

    Here&#039s some sample code:<BR><BR>Set xConn=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>X Conn.Open "table"<BR><BR>Set x=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")<BR>x.Open "table", xConn, 2,3,2<BR><BR>Okay, here&#039s the question...what are the numbers following the &#039xConn&#039 variable? The 2,3,2? Is there a good website reference that describes these well?<BR><BR>Glen

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    Default *Not* Server object...ADOBD objects...

    The objects you need references to are the ADODB.Connection and ADODB.RecordSet objects. Nothing to do with Server object, per se.<BR><BR>The full reference for these objects (and the other ADODB objects) is here:<BR><BR><BR><BR>To find the info on, for example, ADODB.RecordSet.Open, go to that URL. Then click on "ADO Objects" in the right pane. Scroll down and choose "RecordSet".<BR><BR>Scroll to the bottom of that page and choose "Properties, Methods, and Events" link.<BR><BR>In the list on that page, choose the Method "OPEN Method (ADO RecordSet)". That should get you to this page:<BR><BR><BR>It describes exactly what you want. To find the meaning of 2,3,2 then, you tackle each one individually. The first 2 is the "Cursor Type" (as explained on that page), so you click on "CursorTypeEnum" link to see the explanation of the possible names and values for cursor types.<BR><BR>Et cetera.<BR><BR>

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