I recieved a helpful suggestion yesterday about taking the results of my recordset and emptying them into the Dictionary Object. I did this with the following code:<BR><BR>Set objDic = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")<BR><BR > Do Until rsAnswers.EOF<BR> <BR> objDic.Add Cstr(rsAnswers(0)), Cstr(rsAnswers(1))<BR> rsAnswers.MoveNext<BR> Loop<BR><BR>I now have a populated Dictionary Object. My question is how to compare these 115 dictionary objects against the 115 form elements I have.<BR><BR> The form elements are question# and answer<BR><BR> The key for the Dictionary object is Question#.<BR> The item is the correct answer.<BR><BR> Example:<BR><BR> For each item in Request.Form<BR><BR> If isNumeric(item) Then<BR><BR>Compare the form item to the Dictionary Item<BR> (How do I complete this task?)<BR><BR>Thanks in Advance<BR><BR>jay<BR>