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    Out of ALL the books out there on ASP and DB&#039s, which ones were of the most help to you? You probably will not believe this, but I am a beginner (teehee). So if any of you know of a book that has helped you tremendously and have been dying to let others know about it, here is your chance!!<BR>Thanks

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    If you want plenty of examples then go for SAMS ASP unleashed.<BR>It is like spoon feeding.<BR>If you Want to know ASP in depth, go for ASP series for beginers,professionals from WROX.<BR><BR>Sreeni

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    David Moran Guest

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    The best thing to do is buy one book to get you up and running, then start exploring this site and to fill in the details. I started with Beginning ASP Databases by John Kauffman (Wrox) which seemed like a good book when I was reading it. However, after a couple of weeks exploring the aforementioned sites I realised it was a load of crap. Don&#039t waste too much money on books, it&#039s all on the web for free and in much more detail you will find in any book.<BR>

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