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    James Williams Guest

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    I am trying to build a simple form where the user will type in some info in text boxes, but he/she will also make some selections from various checkboxes. This will be entered into an Access database. <BR>I&#039d like to display the info from Access on another page. Here&#039s the part I haven&#039t seen addressed anywhere: On the selections the user has made by checking boxes, how do I display that with images? To give a simplistic example, you go to a page, and 10 checkboxes are there for different sports. You check the sports you like, which happen to be only soccer and football. The display page shows your name, email, and a pic of a football and a soccer ball. If you had checked the baseball checkbox, you would see a picture of a baseball.<BR><BR>I am an HTML guy, not a programmer, so while any help would be appreciated, please help me out by making your answer as layman-like as possible. Thanks

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    Hi James,<BR><BR>The Simplest way is<BR><BR>You name the value attributes of the checkbox with the corresponding sports name.<BR>&#060;input type=checkbox value=football&#062; and so on<BR>In the display page, you will check for the value of each check box, if it is football, then you query the access database and will retrieve the corresponding sports logo to display.<BR><BR>Though not a versatile solution, as a beginer this will definitely help you.<BR><BR>Sreenivas<BR>

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    Marty Guest

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    The only thing you have to do is assign the name of the image in the value exemple and name the field:<BR><BR>&#060;input type="checkbox" value="soccer.gif" name="image"&#062;<BR><BR>The next page where you want the image to appears it would go<BR><BR>&#060;img src="&#060;%=request.form("image")%&#062;"&#062;<B R><BR>

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