I‘m attempting to build an ASP page that will look through a database of jobs and select those that require the right skills. I have one text field that is to be filled in with the skills of the person searching for a job i.e. java, html, vb.<BR>I am then trying to use an &#039IN&#039 clause to search through the database so that it will select any record where at least one of the skills is present in the database. The IN statement requires that each separate word be surrounded by single quotes and then a comma eg: AND Position.Skills IN(&#039word&#039, &#039anotherWord&#039, &#039andAnother&#039). My question is how can I get the entry from the text field into the SQL statement with the correct syntax. Sorry if this is a stupid question but I&#039m just a beginner as far as ASP and scripting is concerned and my SQL isn&#039t too hot either.<BR>