Funny Characters when sending main using CDO Mail

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Thread: Funny Characters when sending main using CDO Mail

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    Kevin Guest

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    I am sending a email message using CDO mail. I get the email message from a text form field that is the the filed below<BR><BR><BR>&#060;form name="frmEmailSent" method="post" action="emailsSent.asp"&#062;<BR>&#060;textarea name="txtBody" cols="60" wrap="VIRTUAL" rows="30"&#062;<BR>&#060;/form&#062;<BR><BR>in emailsSent.asp it just requests txtBody as the message and sends the mail message<BR><BR><BR>the problem is when i get the email message i get funny characters like this <BR>“<BR>”<BR>’ <BR><BR>what could be the problem<BR>

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    Need more info. Show us a sample email with the funny chars, and show us the code that sends the email.

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    Kevin Guest

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    Here is the code that sends the email<BR>---------------------------------------<BR>&#060;%<BR> Public Addresses<BR> Public MessageBody<BR> MessageBody=Request("txtBody")<BR> &#039Sends a given email address<BR> Public Sub SendEmail(From2,To2,Subject2,body2,bcc2)<BR> Dim eBody<BR> dim objcdo<BR> Dim Body<BR> set objcdo=server.CreateObject("cdonts.newmail")<BR> objcdo.subject=Subject2<BR><BR> objcdo.from=From2<BR> objcdo.body =body2 <BR> &<BR> objcdo.bcc=bcc2<BR> objcdo.send<BR> End Sub<BR><BR> Addresses=", "<BR> call SendEmail("","", Subject,MessageBody,Trim(Addresses))<BR>%&#062;<BR >-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR><BR>Here is a sample email<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>today that it has signed a Strategic Alliance<BR>Memorandum of Understanding and Intent with Qobra<BR>Systems Inc. (“Qobra Systems”) of Toronto, Ontario.<BR>The companies have agreed to cooperate in building<BR>e-commerce and technology services of real-time<BR>communications solutions within the Full Service Provider<BR>(FSP) Internet framework provided by Avalanche Networks.<BR><BR>Under the terms of the agreement, Qobra Systems will<BR>provide Avalanche Networks with a communications solution<BR>to deliver customized services and applications to any<BR>location, across any medium and to any device.<BR>With BlueIP, Qobra Systems has created a solution to<BR>manage and customize IP (Internet Protocol) Broadband<BR>securely in both wireless and wire-line environments.<BR>In addition, ISUS (Internet Services Utility System)<BR>will allow Avalanche Networks to have a unified,<BR>directory-based system for fast and secure<BR>customized service creation and delivery<BR><BR>According to Joe Caccamo, CEO of Avalanche Networks,<BR>“Qobra Systems’ BlueIP and ISUS solutions will further<BR>compliment our FSP model and give our current and future<BR>customer base significant advantages over traditional<BR>Application Service Providers and other e-solution offerings.<BR>We can offer real-time solutions across any medium in a very<BR>cost effective manner. This is another fundamental part of<BR>Avalanche Networks’ mandate to provide the complete and<BR>customized solution for e-business to small<BR>and medium sized companies.”<BR><BR>

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