Hi,<BR><BR>I wonder if you could help. I’m querying our exchange server using LDAP. I’m having real problems with Extension-Attributes. The code below works fine without the Extension-Attributes-3 item but falls over with it. Doesn’t like the ‘-‘ but I can’t seem to access the property using anything else (I’ve tried Field(“xxx”.Value) etc.<BR><BR>Any clues. Sorry for mailing direct but I’m desparate……….<BR><BR>Dave Robinson<BR><BR>Public Sub GetUserData()<BR><BR> mstrUser = Request.ServerVariables("LOGON_USER") &#039retrieve the user<BR> mstrJustUser = Split (mstrUser, "\")<BR> vLdapPath = "LDAP://xxxxxxxx/o=TSE/ou=xxxxxxxx/cn=Recipients/cn=" & mstrJustUser(1)<BR> Set mailBoxObj = GetObject(vLdapPath)<BR> mailBoxObj.GetInfo<BR> Session("FName") = mailBoxObj.givenName<BR> Session("LName") = mailBoxObj.sn<BR> Session("Extension") = mailBoxObj.telephoneNumber<BR> Session("Department") = mailBoxObj.Department<BR> Session("InitiatorID") = mailBoxObj.mail<BR> Session("Room") = mailBoxObj.physicalDeliveryOfficeName<BR> Session("Division") = mailBoxObj.Extension-Attribute-3<BR><BR> &#039These still to be defined<BR> Session("Branch") = "TBA"<BR><BR> Session("Building") = "TBA"<BR> Session("CostCentre") = "TBA"<BR> Set mailBoxObj = Nothing<BR>End Sub<BR>