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    David Morgan Guest

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    I&#039m building a URL string dynamically. Okay, not really the URL, but the query string. It works okay with:<BR><BR> -or-<BR>;%=strProduct%&#062; <BR><BR>But, if the querystring has a space, the URL ends up looking like:<BR><BR> wash<BR><BR>Explorer is smart enough to encode the space, but Netscape isn&#039t. So, I tried this:<BR><BR>;%=replace(strProduct," ","%20"&#062; <BR><BR>It works, but, I&#039m sure I may encounter other characters that navigator doesn&#039t encode correctly. Isn&#039t there any built in function for this? I tried "urlencode" but kept getting a vbscript error. <BR><BR>Many thanks for any suggestions?

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    Check your URLEncode syntax:<BR><BR>&#060;%Response.Write(Server.URLEnc ode("""Hope""")) %&#062;<BR><BR>Remember to use "" when trying to create a single ".<BR><BR>That always works for me.

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    David Morgan Guest

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    Aha!!! So, server.urlencode() is different from urlencode(). Might explain why it didn&#039t work for me. <BR><BR>Many thanks!<BR>David<BR>

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