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    n =Request.Form("maxloop")<BR> for i=1 to n%&#062;<BR> Name : &#060;INPUT maxLength=20 name="&#060;%=user(i)%&#062;" value="" size="20"&#062;<BR><BR> &#060;%next%&#062;<BR>------------------------------------------------<BR>the code above show that, when user submit the value of "n", it will display "n" input text box on the page. i have no problem working with this. I want the first page displays 6 input text box initially, before user submit any value of "n". <BR>But i have problem working with this. If i initially set the value "n = 6", if will not work. <BR>i wonder why, and how do i code it in a proper way. <BR><BR><BR>

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    The initial value of n, if you use:<BR><BR>n =Request.Form("maxloop")<BR><BR>will be 0 (ZERO), so you would not see any textboxes at all. Do something like this:<BR><BR>if isnumeric(Request.Form("maxloop")) then<BR> n = Request.Form("maxloop")<BR>else<BR> n = 6<BR>end if<BR>if n &#060; 1 or n &#062; 99 then n=6<BR><BR><BR>

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    Thanks for your help!!! finally someone understand my question.. :P

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