Hello,<BR>I&#039m trying to create an Access/SQL7 solution that will (A) record each users favorite Alphabet. (B) And then quantify that information to produce the top 10 list <BR><BR>EXAMPLE: This is how the user info will be stored in the SQL table. <BR><BR>TABLE1: User&#039s favorite letter of the Alphabet<BR><BR>FIELD_USERNAME FIELD_Top10 FIELD_Top9 FIELD_Top8 <BR> ANN Z S D <BR> STACEY X D F <BR> GEORGE Y G S <BR> PAUL U G D <BR><BR>Now I wish to quantify the information and create a point system so that I can generate a top 10 list for all users in the database.<BR>TOP_10 = 10 points<BR>TOP_8 = 9 points<BR>TOP_9 = 8 points<BR><BR>Then I have to figure out how many times each Letter appears in the different fields and add it all up.<BR>Do the same for all the fields.<BR>Okay how would you guys do a query that would quantify this information :) ? <BR>Sincerely <BR>STEPHEN