I have a ASP-page that sends out e-mail using AspMail. Some of the mails is formated wrong. It scrambles the Swedish carachters into F4, F5 etc and = into =3D.<BR><BR>I have set the character set to ISO-8859-1 using:<BR><BR>Mailer.CharSet = 2<BR><BR>When I was using aspMail 3.5 I added:<BR><BR>Mailer.Subject = Mailer.EncodeHeader("Yada Yada")<BR><BR>And the trouble went away in the Subject line atleast, but the problem still occured in the body of the letter. <BR><BR>Now I have aspMail 4.0 and I have the same problems with a different receiver. When I removed "Mailer.EncodeHeader" it seems to work. <BR><BR>Does anyone know about a way to fix the problem? Does it have to do with the number of addresses that are sent? We tested on 5 first, it went ok. The we sent it to 130 and that&#039s when the problem occured.<BR>