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    hi i&#039m new to sqlserver..<BR>what syntax u use to get the system date in sqlserver<BR>In SqlServer, is the date length is fixed to 8,<BR>b&#039cos when i want to store a date value in &#039dd/mm/yyyy&#039 format<BR>what should i do..<BR><BR>thanx in advance<BR>

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    in SQL use GetDate() to get the date on the server.<BR><BR>Dates are stored as a cryptic number internally in SQL server accurate to about 3 ms, but there will be a default output format usually<BR><BR>1 Jan 2000 00:00:00<BR><BR>to get the format you want use convert()<BR><BR>look up the formats available in you help file, but i think what you want is<BR><BR>select convert(char(10),getdate(),103)<BR><BR>col

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