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    Hi all,<BR>I have a database that has a field called Dates. Data on this field is of the date/time type. I&#039m using the Access database.<BR><BR>I also have an html(dates.htm) page and an asp (dates.asp)page<BR><BR>dates.htm has a form and two textboxes, the user has to submit two dates using this html page. I want to use the dates entered by the user in my sql query(dates.asp page). Problem is the user enters these dates as text, but the Dates field in the database is of type date/time as I have already indicated. That means whenever I try to run the query on my dates.asp I get a datatype mismatch error because the dates entered by the user are of type text where as they should be of date/time type. <BR><BR>How can I solve his problem.<BR>thanking you,<BR><BR>collins@nac.ac.za

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    if the field type is date/time, it would throw an error if a non-date value was entered. i think you have to look elsewhere for the problem.<BR><BR>show some code<BR><BR>j

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