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    Ricardo Rocha Guest

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    &nbsp;<BR> Well, i want to retrieve from a database the records that correspond to a date after the current date... i have a field "data" in the table and i&#039m using this:<BR><BR>sqlstring="Select * FROM resultados WHERE data &#062; " & date() & " ORDER BY data"<BR><BR> This was working fine until the end of September. First day in October and it just retrieves all records. I was using it for a few days only, so i don&#039t really know what the problem is!<BR><BR> Hope for help!<BR>

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    try surounding the date with #<BR><BR>eg<BR>data &#062;=#"&datevar&"#<BR>you may need to put the date into a var first<BR>hope this helps<BR>

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    Ricardo Rocha Guest

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    i forgot to put it in here, but i&#039m using it in the page<BR><BR>the problem persists

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