what is this '*.asp?p= ' ?

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Thread: what is this '*.asp?p= ' ?

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    Default what is this '*.asp?p= ' ?

    I am learning to write ASP, and I see this line in some ASP files which I don&#039t understand. Can someone explain please? the line is :<BR><BR>filename.asp?p=aname.net<BR><BR>

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    that&#039s the querystring, accessed in ASP from the Request.Querystring() collection - it&#039s used to pass data from client to server, or from page to page<BR><BR>j

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    It&#039s what&#039s called a Querystring. It&#039s prevalent in most any programming tool or language you can use on the web. It&#039s a way to handle a form&#039s GET request.<BR><BR>Read through the 4guys articles and you&#039ll learn how to use this quite a bit.

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