Hi,<BR><BR>I have written ASP code to extract TIFF files from blobs sitting on a SQL Server database.<BR>I am using the following code to do the extraction.<BR><BR> Dim binobj <BR> Set binobj = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Stream")<BR> binobj.Type = 1<BR> cnt=0 <BR> while Rs.eof=false<BR> cnt=cnt+1<BR> binobj.Open <BR> binobj.Write rs("image").value<BR> binobj.seteos<BR> binobj.savetofile url & cont & cnt & ".tif",adSaveCreateOverwrite<BR> binobj.close<BR> rs.movenext<BR> wend<BR><BR>Each page of the image is stored as a single TIFF file. I need to combine different pages into one TIFF file. Is there any way of doing it ?? Please help me.<BR><BR>Thanks &<BR> Regards,<BR><BR>Shanti Rajan <BR>&#062; * shanti.rajan@contact-energy.co.nz<BR>