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    Steve K Guest

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    Is there a specific order in which I should be retrieving fields from a SQL 7 table. I have a table that I&#039m using to store files and their info, filename (varchar), Description (text), size (int), Update (date), FileSave (varchar), etc. But when I write an ASP page to just receive the file info, it doesn&#039t display the Description or the FileSave field. Though I have ANOTHER page that DOES. Do I have to retrieve text fields last? What could be the problem?<BR>Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I&#039m very new to SQL Server.<BR>Thanks a ton!<BR>Steve

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    Steve K Guest

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    I think I figured it out. I had a FileImage field (image) that actually stored the file, it seemed that any text/varchar fields that were AFTER that field in the design of the table were not getting retrieved, yet int/datetime fields were. So I just moved the FileImage field to the last column of the table and that seems to have fixed the problem. That doesn&#039t explain why the description was getting displayed on one page and not another, but at least I found a way around it. Has anyone encountered this before and have a reason why it&#039s this way?<BR>Thanks<BR>Steve

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