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    hi ,i need select some data depended on date,but i can&#039t find a correct way so if you had some experience with this please help me :<BR><BR>This is what I used but nothing works<BR><BR>dotaz1="select * from sometable where DATUM="&date()<BR> &#039select fields which were created today<BR>dotaz2="select * from sometable where DATUM=date()"<BR> &#039the same<BR>dotaz3="select * from sometable where DATUM="&cdate(date())<BR> &#039the same<BR>dotaz4="select * from sometable where DATUM="&formatdatetime(date(),0)<BR><BR>but nothing works ... could you help me please....<BR><BR>I want to select a 7 days week old data too ...<BR>thankx :-)<BR>

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    U got to use &#039#&#039<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM tblName WHERE fldDate &#062;= #" & someDate & "#" <BR><BR><BR>More at<BR><BR>

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