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    Hi<BR>Does anyone know how to do a virus scan and file upload together using asp.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.

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    Since our virus scanner didn&#039t have a component or API that our ASP&#039s could interface with, we were forced to temporarily save the file to the file system. <BR><BR>The virus software on our web server automatically scans files once they are saved, and then cleans them (or gives it a funny name if it can&#039t clean them).<BR><BR>Just write a component that saves the file and then reads it back in. If you can&#039t find the file after you&#039ve saved it, it must&#039ve had a virus that couldn&#039t be cleaned. It&#039s kind of a work-around solution, but it&#039s all we could come up with....<BR><BR>I&#039d first check if the virus software that you use has a COM interface. If so, use that.

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