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    CPeinado Guest

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    I am trying to ping several IP addresses from an asp page. I read the article on this website and was A LOT of help. However, I need to find a way to know if the ping response was successful or if the IP address is not responding. Any ideas? In a nutshell, here&#039s what I am doing: from asp i run a .bat file that puts the output in a text file. i read the text file from the asp and display it on a web page. I don&#039t want to know the responses, I just want an OK or an error, with the ip addresses. please help :) many thanks, <BR>Claudia

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    G Waddell Guest

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    With out knowing what format your bat file enters the results into the text file this is guessing but if it&#039s like a normal DOS ping then this should work...<BR>look for the following text "Pinging" immediately after this will be the ip address XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX and after that should be something like "with 32 bytes of data" strip out the ip address. If the next 4 lines are "Request Timed out" then it failed. If not it&#039s a success.

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    Cpeinado Guest

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    Thanks! <BR>I did exactly that and it works!

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