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    Carla Jamison Guest

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    I&#039m setting up an online information site which will function very similarly to an online store. I&#039d like to be able to assign each visitor an unique ID, unless they are logged in, which will be used to identify them to the site and bind a shopping cart to them (information files are zipped... it&#039s very similar to download structure). I&#039d also prefer to pass this through the Query String, but will need someway to remember it in case the user types in a different a location on our site.<BR><BR>1) Which would be the best way to accomplish this?<BR>Use of Seesion ID?<BR>Random number added to a cookie?<BR>Other?<BR><BR>2) Which is the most efficent (server speed / resources) to create a shopping cart for a highly visited site? I was thinking about storing items in a database based on a user&#039s "session" ID or login name, however, that could be alot of database connections.<BR><BR>I can&#039t use MS Cookie Munger or third party program.<BR>(trying for a pseudo-session like -- which remains unsolved.<BR><BR>Btw, are there any tutorials online with information on making a complete (advanced) "store" similar to ZDNET&#039s download area?<BR><BR>Thank you for reading through -- sorry it was so long.

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    If you want true uniqueness for a user, you&#039re going to have to go with a GUID. Unfortunatley, session ids aren&#039t locked to a particular person... i.e., I log in today, and get a session id, and tomorrow I&#039ll have another one (I think you&#039re asking to track unique visitors).<BR><BR>The problem with stamping their id on a cookie is when they delete/reject the cookie. However, you could force them to log in with a user name and password if that cookie doesn&#039t exist.<BR><BR>To be absolutely sure that the customer id number is unique, use the GUID. If you&#039re not that concerned, make a database with some sort of identity (C43432320) and increment that each time, storing the user&#039s info in there.

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