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    Agitated Guest

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    How do i go about creating multiple search fields? alright i have users seaching for information in a database. they only need records from three fields in the database. say they are seaching for tracking numbers. They enter 123-456 into a text field. they need to search multiple tracking numbers to save time. so they enter <BR>123-456, 123-479<BR>789-785, 987-512<BR>how do i do this?<BR>

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    Sathiya Guest

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    I can give u a algol to work with, try and see you can get some idea. <BR>1. Get the values from text box<BR>2. Replace the comma(,) with &#039 or Num1 = &#039(ie num1 is the column name which u need to search). Using replace function (VBscript).<BR>3.Run a query select * from T where Num1=123-456 or Num1=123-479<BR>( here , is replaced by or Num1=)<BR>

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    Agitaged Guest

    Default nevermind

    I figured it out

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