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    Hi All<BR><BR>I need to pass a username and password from one asp page to the next... I don&#039t want the details to be in the querystring as people could see the users password<BR><BR>this is fine when the user has to physically submit (post) the username and password as I just use post and then request("username") on the new page.<BR><BR>Problem comes in these two situations...<BR><BR>1) When using a resposne.redirect to the new page (is there a way of still passing the variables in the same way as "post", so they are not visible)<BR><BR>2) On hyperlinks. If I am building dynamic hyperlinks on the pages, the receiving page must be able to read the username and password again. Is there a way of doing this? This one is potentially more tricky as I would also not want the username and password in the url of the link.<BR><BR>I am sure there is a blindingly easy solution to this, so apologies.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR><BR>regards<BR><BR>Pete

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    Default MY methodology.............KISS

    save the values in session vairables then you can access the values anytime on any page without the headache of "passing" them

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    &nbsp;<BR>I used frame to hide the values that are visible on the url address window. As for the hyperlink even if you use frame to hide it from the url address, it still shows on your status window. However, you can write javascript to hide the value from the status window as well.<BR><BR>HTH<BR>

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