My problem is that I assign a visitor to my site a random number when he submits a form, with the form contents being put in a text file on the web server(100 file)- the first line of this file includes this random number. I can achieve this no problem. The response to this form query(reservation availibility)is calculated by an outside program and is placed in the same folder on the web server and is called(200 file). This 200 files first line includes the clients random number, so that we can keep track of each reservation request. <BR><BR>In a perfect world I would set my asp page up to look in this folder for 200 files and loop through them opening each one up to see if the first line matches the users random number that is held in a variable, if we get a match i would assign the contents of the file to variables and use them in the page. If we do not match I would like to continue looping till we get one. <BR><BR>I have read countless articles on the FileSystemObject and can read and write to files but I am really frustrated trying to get the syntax right for this scenario. Can someone offer a newbie some advice or give some help figuring this out. <BR>thanks in advance for your time <BR>jeff <BR>