I have A prob ,pls help

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Thread: I have A prob ,pls help

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    &nbsp;<BR>Dear Sir<BR> I have a problem .. I am not able to find out how to upload a file<BR>form my web page ..<BR>ie..<BR> if in my site i accept any public photo (jpg)<BR>& give an &#060;input type = file&#062; or use FSO to upload it to my site<BR>How do i do that .. Pls help<BR>Reply soon<BR> thanking u<BR>viswanath

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    yep you will hvae to use input type = file<BR><BR>absically any SW that will upload your file <BR><BR>R&D posting acceptor or you can use 3rd party comonents like SA file upload<BR><BR>there are a lot diff types of SW avail

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