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    Has anyone created an SMS system using ASP that is free.....

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    I believe that whoever is hosting your site must provide a WAP gateway in order for this to be acheived, and I could be wrong in saying that you will get charged for this service, so no it isn&#039t free.<BR>However, if you wish to find out more about this subject I can recommend the WAP book from Wrox as this gives a good in depth explanation of how you can go about creating such a system, and problems you will encounter, such as programming for different browsers, etc...<BR>Sorry I can&#039t be more specific, good luck

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    WAP and SMS are completely different technologies. A WAP gateway will let you serve WML content to WAP devices, but it WON&#039T let you send SMS messages to GSM phones. You&#039ll need to talk directly to the network providers to find out how to do that.<BR><BR>Dunc

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