I am working on a module that has a frame page, a navigation page for the navbar, a DS page with ASP and TDC that hits a database with a couple of SQL stmts, this info is sent to a main page that has ASP with HTML to display the info dynamically. This is in a table-like format with the each recordset on a line from left to right. There are several column headings, each of them describing a field from each recordset. I have used your article "Paging thru Records using a Stored Procedure" and have been able to edit my stored procedure to assign numbers to my recordset using a temp table and to determine the amount of records (let&#039s assign a variable, say 200 total records). I used an app-var to control the number of records being shown on my page at once. I added some code to create a Next and a Prev button using VB and an on_click event. These buttons allow the user to scroll thru the recordset in groups (of 50), and I have created a display that says "1-50", and another that says "of 200 total". Here is the problem. I need to allow the user to click on any of the headers and be able to sort thru the entire recordset, not just the ones being displayed. Right now when the column headers are clicked, it sorts only on the records (1-50) being displayed. I also need it to reenumerate, using the first sorted record as #1 and so on. PLEASE HELP!!!