why won't anyone respond?

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Thread: why won't anyone respond?

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    fazio82_7 Guest

    Default why won't anyone respond?

    I have posted 4 messages today, needing some help, and noone will. This happened to me yesterday, too! Please help me. please look at "Look at this!!" I would GREATLY appreciate it.

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    MG Guest

    Default I did respond at 2:26PM

    But you have not replied to my response!!! Now, since you think that we are *required* to respond to your question(s), I think I will ignore you.

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    Fazio82_7 Guest

    Default MG, please read

    check out "Look at this!!", that is when I responded to you and put up the code you were asking about. I do not mean to be hastey. I am just very frustrated about this stupid form I have been working on for days. I am sorry for any misunderstandings.

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    Steve Cimino Guest

    Default Reasons you won't get a response/timely respon

    1) No one knows what you&#039re trying to ask/say/mean/do. If you don&#039t get a response in a meaningful amount of time, try re-wording your question. DON&#039T just simply dump your original question again.<BR><BR>2) People aren&#039t familar with your problem<BR><BR>3) Crossposting, multi-posting, being rude prior to asking this question, demanding attitude<BR><BR>4) No code posting/incomplete code posting/code dumping. Include the relevant parts of the code that is causing the problem.. don&#039t dump your entire page onto this forum.<BR><BR>5) Poorly worded questions/generalized.. i.e., "I have urgent need to make shopping cart. How do I do this?"<BR><BR>6) Bad titles. I almost never read "PLEAAAASSSSSSSEEEEEE HELLLLLP" titles. Sum up what your post is about.<BR><BR>I&#039m by no means saying you&#039ve done one or any of these things... these are just the main reasons some posts go ignored. As for not getting a response yesterday, please remember that in the US it was a 4 day holiday weekend for most of us. Not many people answer on Sundays anyway.<BR><BR>But to your original question, I passed it up orginally because there was a lack of code. MG pointed out to you to post your code. I&#039d follow his advice.<BR><BR>Good Luck!<BR><BR>

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