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    Wondering if I can get some feedback from you all. I need a good app/component that allows the following:<BR>-Files(s) to be uploaded<BR>-Uploaded to a specific folder<BR>-AND (this is what I cannot find) writes the filename to the database for that appropriate customer.<BR>Example.<BR>Customer 1 logs in. Wants to send 10 images. Column name Image1 should have the filename written to the Db, Image 2 column should have that filename written...etc..etc... And all the files should be placed into a folder on the server.<BR><BR>What is the best app to do this??<BR>Thanks!

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    This site contains numerous articles & FAQ about uploading. The part you cannot find, the writing to a db will probably be written by you. Almost all solutions have a filename property you can read and save to a db.<BR>

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