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    I am sending a form&#039s text results to an e-mail address. My DIM has a list of 6 variables, how do I string together all 6 variables, plus a discriptor for each, in the objCDO.Body? I&#039ve only been able to view one discriptor and the first variable.

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    dim var1, var2, var3, output<BR>var1 = "string1"<BR>var2 = "string2"<BR>var3 = "string3"<BR>...<BR><BR>output = "Variable 1: " & var1<BR>output = output & " Variable 2: " & var2<BR>output = output & " Variable 3: " & var3<BR>....<BR><BR>Now the variable &#039output&#039 has the "strung together" variables and descriptor for each. Just set the body to the &#039output&#039 variable and you will be done. You may want to experiement with puting breaks and html in the email to format the output.<BR><BR>MG<BR><BR>

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