IIS won't let ASP pages run

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Thread: IIS won't let ASP pages run

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    Kay Guest

    Default IIS won't let ASP pages run

    Hi..<BR><BR>Anybody can help me out here? <BR>IIS (5.0 on Win2K) runs htm files easily, but when you direct the browser to an asp file, it hangs. (it doesn&#039t freeze the system, but keeps loading the file, and does nothing else)<BR><BR>Is there some hidden switch in IIS to enable ASP? <BR><BR>Thanks!

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    keith5g Guest

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    ASP pages should be set to run in IIS, without some sort of on/off switch. But make sure that the Application Configuration settings look right...under the Web Site properties dialog in IIS, go to the "Home Directory" tab and click "Configuration". Check all the settings.<BR><BR>Do all ASP files have this behavior? Could the problem be in the code? What happens if you take a simple .htm file and rename it to .asp and you run it?

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