Running a Macromedia exe on a web server?

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Thread: Running a Macromedia exe on a web server?

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    Default Running a Macromedia exe on a web server?

    Our customer has a CD with a Macromedia show on it. You click on the exe file to run it. They want us to put it on their web server. How do we get the exe file to run? Just linking to the exe doesn&#039t do it.

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    Well,<BR><BR>I don&#039t know what a Macromedia exe is..<BR><BR>Do you have a Flash projector file (an exe) <BR>Why not just open the .fla in flash and create a flash movie in a web page. Simple as pie, you can even download the trial flash editor to do it in. <BR><BR>Simple city, or you could always have the person download the exe and play it on there system.<BR><BR>hth, If you need help with making it go on the web, use the Flash help, its really not very good but it may prove to be useful.

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