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    Hello,<BR><BR>I&#039m new to ASP development, so bear with me; <BR>I just wrote some pages that I would now like to test. How can I test them? I know that, in order for asp to work, there are features and options that the server must have- but I don&#039t have a server. And I am not ready to get a hosting service this month either, because I still have a lot of coding left to do. I just want to be able to write some code, and then, without connecting to the internet just yet, test to make sure it works. <BR><BR>Would someone please help? My appreciation in advance to you all. Thanks,<BR>Jared

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    As daunting as it sounds - You need to install a &#039mini&#039 webserver on your machine. Goto *shudder*<BR>and do a search for "Personal Web Server"<BR>That&#039s a scaled down IIS (Internet Information Services) that compiles the asp code that you write and you can look at it, debug it, whatever. If you ever want to put your asp to commercial action your going to need to stick it on a Win 2k Server or a Linux server running Chilisoft&#039s ASP.<BR>Good luck! PWS is uhh- I think ~80 mb but I could be wrong. If your on NT you can just get the NT Option Pack - I that works for windows 95/98 machines as well. Bottom line - do some research on Microsoft for &#039Personal Web Server&#039 and your looking for &#039Internet Information Services&#039

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    Jared Rhoads Guest

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    Thank you very much! I had heard something about IIS, but wasn&#039t sure if it really was the right direction. I&#039m just glad to learn that I can do it on my machine without having to be connected to any service. I have a lot of coding and debugging to do (I&#039m learning).<BR>

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