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    Fazio82_7 Guest

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    I am working on a mailing form for a web page for a client. I am new at asp and am having some trouble. I have 4 pages altogether. #1 (Mailing.ASP) is the HTML to set up the whole form. #2 (process.ASP) is the page that "mailing.ASP" gets directed to after the submit button has been clicked. #3 & #4 are both just the success and error pages displayed for when the mail is sent (successful or unsuccessful.) Now, this is where my problem comes in. In the "process.ASP" page, I have tried the CDONTS.newmail object, the SMTPvgs.[mailing variable], in any variation possible. But it is simply not working and I don&#039t have a clue why. If you have read this far, then you might as well take the time to help me out. I appreciate it. (I know I am being vague, but maybe you can help narrow it down.)

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    MG Guest

    Default Post you code

    Go ahead and post your code for the process.asp page and tell us what the error is.

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