Hi there,<BR>I am looking for some of your learned advice on the design of a database for<BR>a<BR>business listing that will allow visitors to search using criteria such as<BR>business type, county or town(within that county).<BR><BR>Look here for example screenshots http://homepage.eircom.net/~barrowvaletechnology/<BR>Have a look and tell me if I&#039m on the right track<BR><BR>A business could appear under more than one business type. e.g.<BR>Company A is listed under &#039Builders Providers and DIY Supplies and Paint<BR>Supplies&#039<BR>Company A is based in Bloggstown, Co. X<BR>There is also a Bloggstown in Co. Y<BR><BR>The visitor will click on a business category and then click on a county to<BR>get a list of relevant businesses of that type.<BR>Alternatively the visitor may choose county and town to get a list of<BR>businesses in that area.<BR><BR>All help is greatly appreciated<BR>Yours Gratefully<BR>Oliver Dempsey<BR>dempseyoliver@hotmail.com<BR><BR><BR><B R><BR><BR><BR>