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    Let say i have a page to add users. I can only submit/add one user per page. i want it to display the number automatically on top of each page. for example, if this is the first user, the top of page will display " user 1"... once submit, the number will increment to user "2"... "3" and so on... i can submit as much users as i want until finished adding. <BR>How do i code it in ASP? anyone... please help me. thank you.

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    Default RE: Incrementing the number "Select Count(*) from tablename", connection,3<BR><BR>responce.wirte " Number in the table" & rec(0)<BR><BR>then add the ocde to add the new record below. Once you add the record to the db just redirect to the same page. the recordset will now return the the CURRENT number of records in the table

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