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    Rob Guest

    Default Decrypting

    Does anyone know how to decrypt with ASPEncrypt?<BR>I need to decrypt.<BR><BR><BR>Rob

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    Default RTLM (Read the lovely manual)

    &nbsp;<BR>Use the decrypt functionality that is included in the software (documented in the manual)<BR><BR>

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    Rob Guest

    Default RE: RTLM (Read the lovely manual)

    Hey JD.<BR><BR>I have read the "lovely manual" and the decryption example in the "lovely" manual is a terrible example that was set up to show encryption and decryption for several levels of encryption and in the same file.<BR><BR>I am not asking because I can not read you moron.<BR>You go read the "lovely" manual and you will see what I am speking of.<BR><BR>Rob<BR>

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