Delete Records, ASP ahead of Database?

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Thread: Delete Records, ASP ahead of Database?

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    Adam McKee Guest

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    I think I&#039ve narrowed down my problem... the problem seems to be that once I process the changes to the shopping cart on my system, and I do a Response.Redirect "cart.asp", it seems as though it&#039s getting back to the Cart and writing the information before the database fully reflects the changes that I just made to it... as an example, I have 5 items in the cart, and I delete 3. When it refreshes back to the cart, 5 still show up (or sometimes 4, or sometimes 3, and very rarely the correct 2) but if I press Refresh on the browser, then they aren&#039t there any longer... it&#039s almost as if the page is loading faster than the database is fully reflecting that those x number of records have actually been deleted...<BR><BR>Any help is appreciated..<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Adam McKee

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    What&#039s happening is that the browser is reloading the cart page from it&#039s cache instead of going back to the server. I&#039m sure the solution will be in ASPFAQs...<BR><BR>Dunc

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    Adam McKee Guest

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    Two things about that...<BR><BR>1) If it&#039s loading the cached page, then why are *some* records gone, and *some* records still there, even though all mentioned records have been deleted?<BR><BR>2) also, I have Response.Expires = 0 at the top of each page, that tells the browser NOT to cache the page, and I have that statement at the top of each page involved in the process....<BR>

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