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    Bruce HELLER Guest

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    Hello, I&#039ve got a database with month number in it. I&#039d like to display the content of the base from a month and the next 6 month after him.<BR>For exemple, for January (1), I display Februlary (2), March (3), April (4), May (5), June (6), Jully (7).<BR>BUT, after the month number 6, things get harder : for example :<BR>October (10), November (11), December (12), January (1), Februlary (2)...<BR>As you can see, the problem happen when it goes over the year... What can I do ?<BR> <BR>A+++<BR>Bruce<BR>

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    Sathiya Guest

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    I dont know the SQL but here is the psuedocode.<BR>1. If the Month &#062; 12 then<BR> month = 12 - month<BR> else<BR> month = month <BR>and use this month value to do other iterations or database query.<BR><BR>

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    Bruce HELLER Guest

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    Thank you, but with SQL you are not able to do that kind f things...<BR>Other solution ?<BR><BR>A+++<BR>Bruce<BR>

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